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I put HEI,matching am/fm casset player,wood wheel,convo pro wheels with TA'S,fuel pump,gas tank strap. paint not perfect has a few chips and scraches,crome looks great,hole in headliner runs great shifts stops drives.
Condition: Used Warranty: No 1966 dated cast iron distributor ... going thru my box of spares .... original tag ,,, original vacuum advance still holds vacuum needs a gear ... I may have a spare for the full price ....off one of the 350 distributors on the bottom row .. please ask questions early b4 bidding 206 465 9165 spins nicely ... not a wet rust bucket .... should be recurved and checked ...
Condition: Used thi This super nice original windage tray has NO rust ...thats just old oil staining ... includes original bolts ......... I think its 70 newer ..... PLEASE do your homework I do NOT know the exact year or application ..... please do your homework I am no expert on this by any means.. thank you !! Please make sure this item is what you want..and NEED ... as there is no return on...
Condition: Used Warranty: No Going thru my distributors and starting with this original 428 distributor I raided the dual diaphram vacuum advance from it and its available later on another auction spins nice clear clean stamping with original green paint dabbing should be checked and recurved to your engine specs.... sold as is ... no known history .... had it for 30 years in a box ... 206 465 ...
Condition: Used Warranty: No this Pontiac v-8 water pump pulley has been gently media blasted and is ready for refinishing this pulley is very very nice...no pitting dings or issues please make sure this is correct for your application b4 bidding no returns on this item any questions please ask 206 465 9165 dozens of pulleys available
Condition: Used Surface Finish: dirty originals Warranty: No these were pulled from a 1971 Pontiac 2bbl 400 engine these should fit 1967-1972 or later 350 400 428 455 engines real nice threads ... the engine had never been apart a couple long bolts show a tad bit of pitting as they were on the center port put them under the valve cover and the heads that show will be real nice... bagged left si...
Condition: Used Warranty: No cleaning up and organizing and this distributor is a spare researched and found this March 20th 1971 455 coded distributor original green paint splash ........clear clean stamping no vacuum advance on this one ... I musta raided it thru the years ... should be freshened up and recurved to your application... please do your research on this item b4 bidding 206 465 91...
Condition: Used Surface Finish: some pitting Warranty: No this pulley has some pitting good for the race car or a driver not really show condition without some extra effort real GM pulley gettin hard to find originals please ask any questionas b4 bidding no return on this item 206 465 9165
Condition: For parts or not working Placement on Vehicle: Left, Front Warranty: No Surface Finish: original cracked ring 1 year Left hand drivers side 1968 GTO AC vent and deflector ... chrome is weak and has yellowed the flip flop vvent works like it should good ole original I busted the ring but its a fairly clean bust .... if you have a dash pad this is still probably attached to it... they ...
Condition: Used Warranty: No here is a real decent pair of door hinges that should be rebushed these ARE NOT worn out bent hinges these have very little to NO pitting still fairly tight but the bushings have split why buy repop when original GM hinges are available media blasted bare for inspection and repair questions ?? 206 465 9165
Condition: Used this sale is for the pan on the LEFT....JUST the left one.... the right one is available on another sale ... This super nice original pan was on a 69 350 Lemans .... NO inside rust .... no outside pitting .......... perfect drain threads..... looks really straight ... fairly sure this fits 67 -70 .... 71 ? the drain changed spots Please make sure this item is what you want..and ...
this pulley is a very nice dry original that was bead blasted and has a thin coat of paintno visable pitting or rust ... nice stamping ......fits non ac 350 326 400 42867 68 v-8 Pontiac ..........ships to the lower 48 states for the price listedany questions ??? 2o6 465 9l65 other pulleys available alsothanks Warranty: No this pulley is a very nice dry original that was bead blasted and has a t...
Condition: Used Placement on Vehicle: Left Warranty: No this door chunk may be usefull to some one this will be media blasted to bare metal b4 shipping can trim smaller to save on shipping lower and upper door corners available also any questions ?? 206 465 9165
Condition: Used this sale is for the pan on the RIGHT....JUST the right one.... the left 67-70 one is available on another sale ... This super nice original pan was on a 65 389 .... NO inside rust .... no major pitting ..........nice drain threads..... looks really straight ...one dent see last picture... fairly sure this fits 64 65 66 .... please see the differences between this one and the 67...
29-Jul-2018Redmond, WA+16 milesTechnology Jobs
Project Description: Finance Operations - Global Tools and Operations (FinOps GTO) / Corporate Finance IT Team (CFIT) is responsible for the invoicing process for a group of outsourced vendors. Team uses variety of tools to manage the process of invoicing on behalf of these outsourced vendors, with the goal of providing granular data to the business partners regarding what they spend on product...
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