minutes agoCentralia, WA+101 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for expired dry cereal, oatmeal, stale chips, stale crackers, stale bread, veges people don't want. I mix it all up and give it to the chickens and goats. Thank you
todayVictoria, BC+94 milesItems Wanted
I m new to town and am looking for furniture, such as a bed, night table, plants, futon couch, coffee table, floor lamp, kitchen stuff.. am hoping to get as much as possible second-hand, before turning to stores and contributing to the impact on environment from manufacturing, while people have beautiful things they no longer have the space or use for :)
todayHillsboro, OR+175 milesItems Wanted
Rusty and broken tools are fine! I'm welding them into garden art. Hammers, pliers, shovels, shears, rakes, hoes, etc. Other small size metal stuff appreciated too. I can pick up any day or eve. Thanks in advance.
todayHillsboro, OR+175 milesItems Wanted
Broken, incomplete and rusty bed frames are fine. I'm learning to weld and they will become shelves, brackets, etc., in my shop. I can pick up any day or evening. Thanks in advance. Hillsboro Portland McMinnville Salem
todayHillsboro, OR+175 milesItems Wanted
Looking for empty, square, flat walled (thinner and solvent type) cans - flat material for a soldering project. Thanks in advance.
todayYakima, WA+142 milesItems Wanted
Wanted a canoe, gave ours away a few years ago and now out of state guest wants to go up to Clear Lake and noone on Yakima has rental canoes. Anyone have one???
yesterdayVancouver, WA+161 milesItems Wanted
We are hoping to do some landscaping and need a seed spreader, and wheel barrow, perhaps to borrow or to keep. Whichever is available, Thank you!
yesterdayVancouver, WA+161 milesItems Wanted
I'd like to make a low wall for a raised garden and terrace -- not a lot needed and I'm working alone so the rocks can't be too huge to lift. Thank you! Can pick up in my van.
yesterdayAstoria, OR+168 milesItems Wanted
I just moved into a nice loft apartment and I was wondering if anyone wanted to find NEW HOMES for some or all of their House Plants. I remember I gave away many house plants to a friend once because I wanted a change. They were my children of sorts so I just want to let anyone know that I would love and care for them. Thanks Lindy
yesterdayOlympia, WA+81 milesItems Wanted
I lost my violen 10 years ago. I have missed playing it for so long. I really really want one I can play. If you have one that's not being played, please consider giving it to me to play. I want to inspire my granddaughter who wants to play also. Thank you
yesterdayVernon, BC+253 milesItems Wanted
Want Books on Drop Shipping with sources where to get items for a website store.
this weekHillsboro, OR+175 milesItems Wanted
Hi. I gotta get this cat box outside to make more room in our lil apartment. I am looking for a pet door/glass panel w dog door to put in our sliding door please so King Judah can get out to use his litter box. It's like a framed glass panel with a pet door.flap near the bottom. My slider is 78" tall, I believe there are different size doors. Thank you in advance!
this weekPortland, OR+168 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a frame/stand to hang my son's hugglepod (it's like a hanging tent chair thing). We're in an apartment and there are no trees around that would work. We tried it for a day at a friend's house and he absolutely loved it, so I'm really motivated to find something to make it work at home. If anyone has a frame (sometimes it's called a "C hammock stand") that's not getting enough use, I...
this weekPortland, OR+168 milesItems Wanted
Ministry in need of reliable pickup for collecting and distributing donated goods to recent asylum immigrants that are in resettlement progress. A tax deductible receipt for real value will be given. Also in need of reliable autos for immigrants with families.
this weekPortland, OR+168 milesItems Wanted
I'm starting a therapeutic touch business and could REALLY use a printer! THANKS & fingers crossed! :)