minutes agoCentralia, WA+101 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for expired dry cereal, oatmeal, stale chips, stale crackers, stale bread, veges people don't want. I mix it all up and give it to the chickens and goats. Thank you
todayVictoria, BC+94 milesItems Wanted
I m new to town and am looking for furniture, such as a bed, night table, plants, futon couch, coffee table, floor lamp, kitchen stuff.. am hoping to get as much as possible second-hand, before turning to stores and contributing to the impact on environment from manufacturing, while people have beautiful things they no longer have the space or use for :)
yesterdayOlympia, WA+81 milesItems Wanted
I lost my violen 10 years ago. I have missed playing it for so long. I really really want one I can play. If you have one that's not being played, please consider giving it to me to play. I want to inspire my granddaughter who wants to play also. Thank you
this weekOlympia, WA+81 milesItems Wanted
I had to leave my plants when I moved cross country, including a prolific spider plant that created endless offshoots. I m hoping someone here has a similar plant and would be willing to share a couple offshoots. Please let me know if you can help me restart my household spider plant tradition. Thanks!
this weekOlympia, WA+81 milesItems Wanted
Looking for shovels and chains to fabricate some outdoor artwork for our local chapter of Fences For Fido. Chain needs to be heavy enough to weld.
this weekBurnaby, BC+110 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for weight plates. I prefer Olympic but standard will do. 25+ lbs also preferred. Thanks
this weekVancouver, BC+115 milesItems Wanted
Looking for Jack stands for a car to do Auto service works. In the Richmond area but can drive to surrounding areas such as Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver, Delta.
last weekOlympia, WA+81 milesItems Wanted
I'm learning how to play and would like one of my own
last weekOlympia, WA+81 milesItems Wanted
I really want to learn and would like my own to be able to practice on
last weekSeattle, WA+26 milesItems Wanted
wanted clean, working bread machine. prefer small but depends on quality
last weekNew Westminster, BC+105 milesItems Wanted
Looking for patio umbrella with netting. Patio umbrella alone good ad well.
last weekLangley, BC+90 milesItems Wanted
Hello, My mom is looking for a chair that she can sleep in, as sleeping flat makes it hard for her to breathe. If anyone has one that is clean and in good condition, we can pick up. Thank you! Alisa
last weekVashon, WA+40 milesItems Wanted
We're looking for the following props for an upcoming production by DramaDock. Please help us if you can. 1. PARACHUTE 2. 9 red drinking glasses 3. medical euqipment- eye and ear scopes, defibrillator pads, 4. A 'starter' gun like to start a race. thanks so much!!
last weekSurrey, BC+96 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a childproof gate that will fit a 40" stairway
last weekPort Townsend, WA+47 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a pair of original rear hood hinges for a 40 ford. I can clean them up. I need a pair that is the original shape, not a re-pop. A very thin rivet peening failed on my new Drakes and the hood came down off center to the grille. Grrrr Let me know pricing. Thanks, Fourdy (Gary) __________________
last weekVancouver, BC+115 milesItems Wanted
Hi. I several half-bottles of wine that should lay flat (real corks). A half-bottles holds 375 ml and is 11 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide (28cm x 7cm). If you have a small wine rack you would like to go to a good home, please let me know. Thanks.