17-Aug-2018Redmond, WA +16 milesItems Wanted
I would be very appreciated if someone could donate Apple TV 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation. Thank you!
17-Aug-2018Bothell, WA +12 milesItems Wanted
I would be very appreciated if someone could donate Apple TV 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation. Thank you very much in advance!!
16-Aug-2018Redmond, WA +16 milesItems Wanted
Sold everything to fund my move up here to teach. Need couch, tv stand, table, chairs, bed, desk - you name it! Help me rebuild!
They don't have to match. Need at least 2-4 of each. Thank You
Thank You.
Looking for twin box spring. Just bought a new mattress that s too thin to go directly on slates...
I'm looking for a loom for weaving
Hello! I have a 5 month old kitten that is in need of a lot of toys and stimulation! So, if you have used or new cat toys that you no longer want or your kitties no longer play with them; please let me know. Thanks!
8-Aug-2018Bothell, WA +12 milesItems Wanted
I would be very appreciated if someone could give me a workout bar with or without weights. Also, if you have dumbbells you no longer need, I would be glad to take them from you too. I can pick it up from your location. Thank you very much in advance!!!!
5-Aug-2018Bothell, WA +12 milesItems Wanted
Looking to add a few cabinets to my garage - if you have any old ones laying around from a remodel, I'd be happy to take them off your hands!
As the librarian at Monroe High School I am always looking for legos or other toys that can be used to create things or explore math, science or art. We have a small maker lab and I will gladly pick up your unwanted legos, tinker toys, perler beads or anything else that students can manipulate and create with. We love yarn, felt and other construction materials as well!
Needing a working washing machine please. The one I have leaks out the bottom. Thanks!
Hello, I am looking for a free standing clothes rack with or without wheels... for sewing projects, etc. Thank you so kindly for any consideration.
My dear friend who's 80, has diabetes, and Narcilepsi, needs a replacement washer and we'd really like her to get a stackable set w a dryer. She's got to use her energy elsewhere rather than exhausting herself hanging everything to dry. She's developed heart problems so she really shouldn't be exerting herself hanging up clothes.
I don't need anything huge, a little 5 cubic foot one would be great. Just have too many things to fit in our top freezer.
Wanted. Reacher, grabber for my mom who has arthritis. chair or bench for bath tub. my mom can no longer get in tub
15-Jul-2018North Creek, WA +8 milesItems Wanted
Wanted an old Yakima-style hitch mounted bike rack, any condition. Does not need to work. Preferably 2" hitch size. I'm going to use some parts (hitch tube and hinge) for a different project. Thanks! Barry
Local Move need some boxes.
I need a reacher. My arthritis has become very severe. No longer able to pick anything up off of floor. lake stevens
7-Jul-2018Redmond, WA +16 milesItems Wanted
Seeking patio furniture, especially chairs!
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